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Our Simplified Process for International Applicants

For foreign persons, our trademark registration process, managed by knowledgeable trademark application attorneys at Swift Legal, streamlines the process of filing a U.S. trademark application.

  • Quick and Simple Questionnaire: Share your information in a few minutes
  • Review by U.S.-Licensed Attorney: Receive valuable suggestions for your application
  • Option for Consultation Call: Discuss your application further with our legal experts
  • Application Filing: Upon your approval, we handle filing with the USPTO
  • Focus on Brand Building: Free up your time to concentrate on growing your brand
  • Trustworthy Service: Rest assured your U.S. trademark application is handled with expertise and efficiency

Effective Trademark Application Services by Expert Attorneys

Trust Trademark Registration USA for effective trademark application services led by expert trademark application attorneys. Our team simplifies the trademark operation process, ensuring your mark receives the protection it deserves. With our educated attorneys guiding you every step of the way, you can rest assured that your trademark registration is in good hands. Let us handle the complications of trademark enrollment while you concentrate on erecting your brand. Choose our dependable services to secure your trademark with confidence and ease.


Economical Ways to Secure Your Brand

Secure the future of your business by getting it registered at affordable rates.

Most Popular




All basic features plus:
  • Cease and desist letter
  • Transfer and assignment letter
  • 6 months of trademark monitoring
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free trademark consultancy




Key Features:
  • Federal USPTO direct-hit search
  • Application preparation by experts
  • Digitalization and formatting of trademark designs
  • 1 month of trademark monitoring




All standard features plus:
  • 1 year of trademark monitoring
  • 24-hour expedited processing
  • Comprehensive trademark search
  • Dedicated project lead
  • Free trademark consultancy

See Testimonials Of Our Clients


Trademark Registration USA made filing my trademark application a breeze. Their expert trademark application lawyer process ensured everything was handled smoothly and efficiently. Their expertise and meticulousness stood out to me. I heartily endorse their services to anyone looking to protect their trademark.


Trademark Registration USA provides a swift and comprehensive trademark search service. Their expertise ensures comprehensive coverage, giving clients peace of mind regarding their brand's uniqueness. With prompt results and professional assistance, they streamline the registration process, making them a top choice for safeguarding intellectual property in the USA.

Danyelle S.

I am beyond impressed with the exceptional service provided by Trademark Registration USA for my logo protection needs. Their expertise and professionalism throughout the trademark registration process were truly remarkable. I wholeheartedly rate this agency 10/10 and highly recommend their services to my friends. Thank you, Trademark Registration USA, for your outstanding support!

Aaron Johnson

I want to write a review for this agency because they did my fast trademark registration process exceptionally. I rate this agency 10\10, and I recommend this agency to my friends.

Amanda Jack

Trademark Registration USA provided exceptional service in acquiring my business licenses. Their team guided me through the process with clarity and efficiency. From the approval application, they ensured all requirements were met promptly. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking reliable assistance with business licensing needs.

Juanita W.

For me, this agency's trademark search report process was quite casual. They work quickly and effectively, offering a thorough and impartial review. They worked with us every step of the way and ensured my brand was distinctive.

Henry Brook

This trademark company represents a business that can be trusted. They aided in our brand's trademark and copyright registration online. I also contacted their monitoring service, and the outcomes were excellent. Many thanks!

Annette C

We are extremely satisfied with Trademark Registration USA agency services. Because of the easy online registration, start trademark monitoring right after registration, trademark lawyer with experience, and fixed fees. Each year, they successfully register thousands of brands, which is why I highly recommend this agency.

Steve Lane

As someone venturing into LLC ownership for the first time, I must express my deep appreciation for the seamless and user-friendly experience provided by Trademark Registration USA. Their efficient and straightforward approach made the process remarkably easy, guiding me through each step with clarity and professionalism.

Edith Wheeler

Often Asked Queries

Do you need clarification? We have the knowledge to respond!

  • What is a Trademark Application?

    A trademark operation is a formal request submitted to the applicable government authority, similar to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), to register a trademark. trademark application status generally includes information about the mark, similar to its design, wording, or logo, as well as details about the goods or services associated with the mark. Once submitted, the trademark application undergoes a review process to determine if the mark meets the criteria for enrollment, including distinctness and non-conflict with existing trademarks.

  • What is the importance of searching for similar trademarks before registration?

    Prioritizing a search for similar trademarks before registration proves crucial as it saves time and costs by avoiding duplications and nonrefundable fees. This proactive step also allows newer companies to adapt their names early on, mitigating potential challenges and protecting their brand's integrity. Remember, even USPTO searches don't guarantee exclusive rights; unregistered marks may still pose challenges under common law. Trust Trademark Registration USA for expert guidance in this vital process.

  • What legal procedure can an owner apply for a Trademark?

    A comprehensive trademark search and the creation of an accurate trademark application are normally required steps in the legally mandated trademark application submission procedure.

  • What do copyright registration services offer?

    Copyright registration services help in securing legal protection for creative works. They guide individualities through the registration process, ensuring compliance with copyright laws. Services may include form operations, furnishing legal advice, and managing attestation. Eventually, they offer peace of mind by securing intellectual property rights against unauthorized use or violation.

  • How to remove a trademark from the register?

    The owner can file a petition to remove a trademark from the register for cancellation or non-renewal of expired trademark registrations with the appropriate intellectual property office. This typically involves demonstrating valid grounds for cancellation, such as non-use, abandonment, or generalness. The process may involve legal proceedings and a decision by the trademark authorities.

  • What methods can I use to monitor my trademark?

    Employing the services of a reputable trademark monitoring agency, such as Trademark Registration USA, is a reliable approach to monitoring your trademark. Our team regularly examines the USPTO database and many other platforms using advanced monitor trademark software to find any hidden traps or violations. This forward-thinking strategy makes sure you are aware of your trademark application status or monitoring and can act quickly to resolve any potential problems.

  • What is the importance of getting a business license?

    Securing a business license is pivotal before commencing operations or opening your business to the public. Failure to do so may result in implicit forfeitures and penalties. Once attained, it's imperative to prominently display the licenses and permits, maintain clones for attestation purposes, and stay watchful about renewal deadlines. Business license lawyers ensure compliance with legal conditions and mitigate the threat of facing impacts for operating without the necessary licenses.


starting at $35 only

Register your trademark and save yourself from the risk of losing thousands of dollars in lawsuits and rebranding efforts.


starting at $35 only

Register your trademark and save yourself from the risk of losing thousands of dollars in lawsuits and rebranding efforts.